Strategic Planning

Good businesses plan well.  But executing on that plan also requires a strategy and a knowledge of how to work with governments, state and local, to deliver those plans.

While you have strategic goals you want to achieve, you also have potential outcomes or barriers you need to avoid.  Being in business means you have competitors and you want governments to look more favorably on you than on them.

Internal discipline is not enough.  You need to know what is possible, how much to seek and when, and to prioritize to achieve those plans.  You need to reach, not overreach.  You need to keep your eye on the long term priority, and drill down to intermediate steps that will allow you to achieve that end.

Quarterly and annual goals, performance management and periodic evaluations are all very much the internal world in which you live.  To achieve the best results there, you need to understand better the venues in which you seek to deliver results.  What levels of partnership are possible with government?  How many of your projects can advance?  When is the right time to advance the efforts?  Who do you approach for assistance, someone at the top or someone who represents your home base?

We can help you answers those difficult questions.  We know the ways and means to achieve your ends.  It is as crucial to have an external plan as it is to have an internal one, and the intertwining of those two can bring great success.  Conversely, to approach government blindly or through just one channel may spell frustration, delay and even opposition.