Strategic Communications

You have a message you want to deliver, but to what audience, when and how? And should that communication be part of a mass media campaign or quietly communicated through a back channel?

If you are trying to influence government decision making, the messaging can be even more complicated.  Who first?  Is it a brief elevator speech to a single individual to spark interest or explain an emergent issue, or is it a presentation shaped to reach broader audiences and build coalitions?  When do you make it expansive and specific enough that it can be used to shape legislation or regulations? Is there a role for mass advertising, free media, social networking?

Your communications also take different shapes at different times in the messaging.  Are you introducing yourself to the world, or trying to remove yourself from a devastating crisis?

We have experience in all phases of the communications chain and can help shape the message that helps shape your business outcomes.  We know the ways and means to help you achieve your ends.