Julianna Fern

Julianna Fern joined Ways and Means NY in 2023 as our Legislative Analyst.

Julianna graduated from Marist College Magna Cum Laude where she was a Political Science major with a minor in Global Studies.  Just prior to joining W+MNY, Juli worked at one of New York City’s premier law firms where she was responsible for maintaining the compliance of the firm’s attorneys in regard to their licensure.  She has previous experience in non-profit work with the United Nations Women for Peace Association.  While there, she kept the organization up to date on emerging research related to women’s civil rights issues and compiled resources to be presented at multiple high-caliber events.

Juli is responsible for monitoring and reporting on all relevant legislative developments utilizing two legislative tracking services for maintenance of client bill files. She tracks all relevant legislation from introduction through floor votes and gubernatorial action, closely monitoring all important committee meetings along the way She keeps a keen eye on the Executive Branch as well, tracking developments with the Governor and key agencies and monitoring all regulatory, rulemaking and procurement developments as they are posted.

Juli also works on compliance matters to ensure all lobbyist and client filings are timely, accurate and complete.

Proficient with social media, Juli monitors the Capitol blogs, Twitter Feeds and other emerging news sources and other media, sharing timely information with clients in weekly reports to the clients.

Julianna is also a registered lobbyist.