The ever-evolving rules surrounding government procurement mean that procurement lobbying is a far different animal than traditional Executive and Legislative branch lobbying.  The legal and regulatory environment is strict and you cannot afford a single misstep in the process if you are to remain a viable offerer of services.

Smart businesses are expending more effort to get governments to procure their good and services. To do so, you need government to know the solutions you have to offer, the successes you have achieved, to get them to think in terms which are favorable to your approach.  You want them to be thinking of you and your product when they are crafting their RFP, not after it has been written.  And when that request is written, you need to be ready to respond with the best offering and the strongest team and bid possible.  And once that proposal is in, you need to marshal support and monitor progress.

This is not an area to neglect, nor is it an area you should approach without deep experience and expert guidance.  We can help you, from introduction to contract execution and beyond.  We know the Ways and Means to achieve your ends.