Government Relations

Ways and Means NY was started on a simple premise, that the best government relations efforts are performed with unrelenting effort, a deep knowledge of substance and your strategic plan,   providing the ability to show decision-makers that a partnership with you can help them realize their goals.  We know the ways and means to achieve your ends.

Here are three more good reasons to consider Ways and Means NY:

1.) Albany is full of 10/90s.  They are the old school lobbyists who try to help by employing a     ratio of 10 percent substance and 90 percent reliance on relationships.  We know that by improving your ratio, you improve your chances for success.  You need someone who will immerse themselves in developing not only an understanding of your issues and goals, but your fundamentals, mission, value, culture, underpinnings  – the foundations of your business.  Someone who understands how businesses think and how they need to strategically set their goals.  Someone who has been both the front line person and the trusted surrogate for some of the biggest and best.

2.) There is a world outside Albany.  The old school lobbyist never leaves town, except to attend fundraisers or vacation.  We know your business needs to succeed in your community and in Albany.  Your business has roots, a community it calls home, either by choice or by legacy, in one location or many, sometimes connected by infrastructure in between.  Your success in Albany first rests on your success in your community.  We want to learn about your operations, to see how you function, to know about your employment base, to learn about your customers, to see how you integrate in New York and beyond.  We know that proactive approaches in the community help to translate to success beyond.

3.) The Governor is on the Second Floor; the Legislature, the Third.  An elevator speech won’t work in Albany.  The old school lobbyist wants a sound bite message, often times because they are not equipped to deliver much more.  We know that we need to be able to anticipate and answer all the questions to succeed.  Simple messaging is important, but to achieve tough goals, you will need to answer the hard questions – questions that will be asked when you are in town, and follow up questions that will be posed after you have left.  You need someone who has taken the time to learn the substance to act as a surrogate, yet seasoned enough to know when those conversations need to be resumed directly with you.