Government Services


Ways and Means NY is designed to be different from other government relations firms because we are.   We draw upon our experiences inside and outside of government, in roles representing major concerns from within their structure to that of their trusted outside advisor.  We know what government decision makers need to hear, the ways to craft the message you need to deliver, and the complexities, cycles and competing demands of your internal structure that can make it difficult to move nimbly, establish priorities and drive results.

Our government services transcend traditional lobbying. We provide traditional government relations services, but with a deep substantive bent.  We also provide budget expertise, drawn from a decade on the inside of that process, needed because that is the place where the most important government decisions are now made.  Another service is procurement lobbying, an expanding field within an ever-evolving environment, where we have strong experience and proven results.  We also have specific fields within which we have become recognized for our strengths, including transportation, education, higher education, energy, economic development, revenue and more. We also incorporate strategic services, from planning to communications to community relations, to offer a complete array of the tools needed to fully succeed in the government arena.

Experience matters and in 42 years we have been in the right places.  Seventeen years inside government, in finance, policy, politics and communications.  An eight year career inside a major corporation, from state and local lobbying here in New York to the eventual oversight of all that   activity in 23 states and 2 provinces, along with roles in Strategy Development and leadership of Public-Private Partnership initiatives.  Another six years in a series of expanding roles in a top   Albany firm representing some of the world’s largest entities to those who were starting small but poised for growth, rising to the role of Managing Director before launching Ways and Means NY in 2013.