Fifteen years on the front lines of government relations

We know that by improving your ratio, you improve your chances for success.

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Lobbying simply provides opportunity to those who want to approach government

Modern government relations transcends that

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John Casellini brings over 30 years experience in political strategy, communications and policy

John's deep knowledge and dedication to duty have led to remarkable success for his clients

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We know what your business needs to succeed in Albany and beyond

We want to learn about your your business to see how you integrate in New York and beyond

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Good news to share: Today marks 8 years for Ways and Means NY! Happiest I have been in my working life and I owe it all to my clients. It is all because of the important work we are doing in partnership with you that has made all this possible.

Proud to be part of the team that worked for 3 years to deliver solar savings to low- and moderate-income communities, especially in New York City! Thank you @SenatorParker @Michael_Cusick for working so hard to make this happen! @nyseia @nylcv @nature_ny @SEIA @SolarAccess https://t.co/qRnO0Q71JY WaysAndMeansNY photo

The Community Solar for Disadvantaged Communities Act is important, pairing crucial CLCPA goals: the 6 GW by '25 solar goal and 35% of the benefits for low-and moderate-income ratepayers in these communities. Thanks to @kevinparkernyc and @Michael_Cusick for leading the way! https://t.co/3Hm4Ev1V5t

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